07.05.2019 Discover the secrets of herbs in the educational garden



Time to explore the secrets of herbalism! On May 10th  and 11th , we invite you to gardening workshops for children, during which the children will expand their knowledge about herbs and run their own garden. The program includes classes in the educational garden with beds. Free admission!

On May 10th  and 11th , we invite you to the next meetings from the spring gardening workshops for children. In front of the buildings, gardens consisting of decorative plants and a vegetable garden with beds were built. Practical workshops for school pupils, kindergartens and toddlers of all ages will take place in the gardens. During classes and outdoor activities, children will broaden their knowledge about plants and herb cultivation.

Participants will plant herbs in pots, as well as explore their secrets, including the application of daily life and specific requirements. Various species of plants used in the kitchen will be presented on educational boards . Children will also discover the secrets of fragrances hidden in nature and learn the secrets of the formation of perfumes, and tea lovers will create their own herbal mixtures that they will take home. Those interested in both nature and artistic activities will prepare creative herbariums, which will be successively supplemented during spring and summer expeditions.

Classes in the educational garden will take place on May 10th  and 11th . Classes will be held on Friday from 10.00 to 16.00 and on Saturday from 11.00 to 18.00. The third, last classes will take place on June 7th  and 8th . Free admission.

We invite you to come!


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